Tokyo Station, Pokemon Centre and Haneda Airport

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 Date: 18 December 2012


As we were going back to the station, we saw an “experience the earth quake” demo:


The public was welcomed to try how shaky it could be by this simulated “quake” machine. It lasted for about 30 seconds each, after which the volunteers were given free mineral water and some crackers 🙂


We also came across a couple of well-kimono-dressed lasses:


We took the Yamanote Line to Tokyo Railway Station. This is the majestic Tokyo Station Building:


Despite being in Tokyo for 7 weeks in 2004, I never came out of the station, so I was pleasantly surprised:


More surprise came when we saw a tourist rickshaw with Air Asia (Air Asia, Japan) on it:


Tokyo certainly made known that it is bidding to become the host for 2020 Olympic!


old and new harmoniously together;


You can never get lost here because maps that indicate your position can be found everywhere:


Typical skyline:


We actually wanted to visit the Royal Palace ground, but it was obvious that we  were still very knackered from the previous day outing, and the kids had something else in mind 🙂


So we went back into Tokyo Station to catch the train;


The centre ceiling  was so fascinating:


Anyway…  A couple of stations away, we ended up here:


Yes, The Pokemon Centre!!!!


I thought it was a theme park or some exhibition centre, but I was wrong. It’s a one-stop centre to buy anything Pokemon!!


While the kids were in the shop (and I just sat outside it – i went in for a while but it was just not my ‘piece of cake’), DH did bullet train watching 🙂


After quite a long while, the kids came out looking very contented (not really. They wished they had more Yens…)



We then took the monorail ride to Haneda Airport (officially “Tokyo International Airport)


I just enjoyed the free wi-fi while I rested my tired legs. Kiddos and DH went to see the planes:


Nice observation deck:


Inside, the Christmas mood was in full swing:


not so busy…


We saw a lot of this advert:


When we arrived back at Ueno Station it was dark


Walked a bit at the nearby park, but we soon gave up (too tired)


and decided to go back to our hotel rooms







  1. Ah, that Tokyo Banana… our son was so taken by that image, that we found and bought a box at one of the JR stations. It was actually a banana-shaped cake with banana-flavored custard in the middle. It was OK… but the marketing was definitely better than the product itself! 😀


  2. Howard,
    hahahahaha!!!! Yeah, we eventually bought it too, 2 days later! I have to agree with you, the food itself was not up to the advert 😦


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