Kawaguchiko (Lake Kawaguchi) & Fuji-san

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Date: 19th December 2012

Sunny, but cold day, with only 5.7C at 12.59pm! (refer to pic below)


After walking towads the lake, We decided to have lunch first at a nearby (with a view of part of the Kawaguchi Lake)


with tummy well-tucked, we took the nearby cable car.


The view of the lake as we went up:


The all-purpose kiosk up the hill:


With the Fuji-san partially hidden:


Whiling our time away (waiting for Fuji-san to show its complete self) we saw a shrine:


and wishes nearby:


Oh, Mr Fuji, when are you coming out?


Ah, well…. Let’s enjoy the view of the lake again:


Quite sunny, and yet could not see the tip of Mr Fuji:


Took a seat, with Fuji Chan (turquoise blue with white topping) looked at us:


I leapt with joy when Fuji-san finally showed its tip:


A rare family photo, taken by an Indonesian lass we met there:


Fuji-san surely looked so majestic:


another angle:


Yeah, I too love Mount Fuji 🙂


But we had to go, so a final look at it (it took us the whole day to get here, and back to our hotel!)


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