Kyoto Imperial Palace


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Date: 21 December 2012 

I first visited Kyoto in the middle of summer in 2004. Now I return to this place in winter!

The first destination for the day was The Kyoto Imperial Palace.


Just outside the palace;


Entering the main palace block:



Shoes off, please;

The floors of the palace were purposely built to produce “nightingale”  squeaking sound as you step, to warn of any intruder!


The white walls were later put up to protect the interior:


A serene (Japanese!) garden nearby:


The palace has 2 layers of moats, with inner walls as well as outer walls. Here’s the inner wall:


The “inner” moat:


Another palace block inside the complex:


We climbed up to one of the guarding towers, and had a nice view of part of the palace complex:


Tired of walking, we were greeted (in the quietness of the park at the edge of the palace ground!) by the friendly vending machines:


Who needs a cafe here, when the machine can provide both hot and cold drinks? The red labels mark the the hot drinks!


As we walked back, we found the signage towards the real “man-managed” cafe (lounge) and souvenir shop, near the entrance/exit.


My son, Nafis and I decided to jump together 🙂 :


and acknowledged that this palace is a World Heritage Site 🙂











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