I am not so much a concert goer.

Hubby & I once went to watch Air Supply in KL when our no1 & no2 kids gave us the tickets as birthday gifts.

In 2008 I attended Khatijah Ibrahim‘s concert, as blogged here.

In 2010 I watched Ramli Sarip‘s concert, and I blogged too here.

Both of them were not Dato’ or Datuk yet then!

Last night hubby and I watched their concert together!!

As expected, I enjoyed it tremendously 😍

When Dato’ Khatijah sang “Ku Sangka Siang Kiranya Malam”, My mind was tranformed back to my secondary school days!!! And of course I memorized the lyrics by heart. 😂

As a rule, we were not allowed to take photo or video during the concert, except during the finale.

When they started to sing “Doa Buat Kekasih” and invited us to stand up and sing along, everybody thought that was the finale hence so many started to record, so did hubby:

I was thinking, “Datuk Ramli didnt include Kamelia tonight “.

How wrong I was!! Kamelia was indeed the finale!!!

I had some problem uploading the right video, so I decided to put it on youtube. Here’s the link 😊

P/S: the tickets were birthday gifts from 2 of our kids. Thank you, kids, you know who you are 😍

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