Fushimi Inari Shrine, Kyoto

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Date: 21 December 2012


After visiting the palace, we took the underground train to Gion, the Geisha area. We had a nice walk around the neighbourhood, though I don’t have any picture to show 😦


We then went back to Kyoto Station to have lunch, after which we took a train to this place:



There’s a famous shrine here, where you can see so many Tori gates!

The suburb is so peaceful;


Even the walk was very enjoyable:


As we entered the Fushimi Inari Shrine complex:


Ablution corner:


Very orange, indeed!


As we climbed the steps up the hill:



While DH captured this image down at the temple:


We were up the stairs, but still needed to climb further:


At the higher part of the hill we were greeted but tori gates arranged in a row:


So many of them:


The walk up was a long one:


These are gates donated by worshippers:


At certain points, the gates branch out!


Tired from previous walk, I decided to walk back:


and came across the prayer papers tied to the fence:


A counter selling prayer items and souvenirs:



Little torii gates for sale:


Aina found a friendly cat:


I have never seen so many torii gates in my life, huge ones at the entrance/exit:


Waiting for our train back to Kyoto:


I think we just managed to beat the peak time 🙂


Happy to be able to rest our tired feet:


We got back to our hotel rooms, and I continued to watch the bullet trains from my hotel window 🙂


The following morning we took the train to Osaka Airport to catch our flight home.



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