Way To Mount Fuji

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Date: 19 December 2012


Early in the morning, we were back at Ueno Station,  to catch a train to Shinjuku. At Shinjuku station we took a limited express (very few stops) JR train to Otsuki:


The interior of that train:


A busy train station:


We then took the Fujikyuko Line (not JR)


This lady (with her back facing us) first came to check our tickets, then came back with the trolley of food and drinks for sale! Multi-tasking indeed 🙂


Very cosy inside the train:


After about 30 minutes into the journey, we got to see the majestic Fuji-san:


DH went to the front and had a peep into the driver’s compartment:


Mount Fuji again!


I think this pic was taken when the train stopped at the ‘Mount Fuji” station:


We soon arrived at the Kawaguchiko terminal:


The train was very cute, with the character “Fuji Chan” all over it,  that DH decided to snap a few pix of it:


The other train (the one on the left in the following pic) was equally cute:


A brief restroom stop at the station before we started our walk:

To be continued…


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