An Alumni Dinner To Remember

Last Saturday (15th September 2018) my alumni had a dinner to commemorate 45 years of the formation of our alma-mater. Unlike last year, this year many of my friends could not make it to the event. Despite that, a few of us (from my batch) decided to attend anyway…

A week before the event we were informed that the guest artist would be my favorite artist, Rahimah Rahim!!!

The highlight of the dinner was of course the opportunity to get some photos taken with her!!

Rahimah Rahim, as sweet as ever, was so nice and accommodating.

Actually we went out of the ballroom to go to the washroom, but to our delight we saw Rahimah out there. We asked if we could take some photos with her and she agreed. Sure, we took a lot of them!!!

I told her that she was my first favourite artist, way back in 1970 (when I was only 7 yrs old). A year later when I got a portable record player. Dad bought 2 EP (vinyl records) for me to play on it, and 1 of them was her first EP. I used to play it daily, until the batteries went flat! I even hummed “Oh Marilah” song with her:

Soon there were others who came out and joined us with the “photo session”

Later when she was performing her last song she signaled us to come and sing with her. Like the Malay proverb “pucuk dicita ulam mendatang” I went up to sing with her!initially reluctant, others joined us too

I managed to meet some of the juniors for the first time, despite knowing them for quite a while . One of them was this Dr AwanisAnother one for the album

That’s all for now.

Will edit and add more pix later 😁

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