Hiroshima To Tokyo

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Date: 17th December 2012


It was indeed a long day for us. After the visit to Mazda Museum and Miyajima, we still had to make a long train journey to Tokyo. Earlier in the morning after checking out, we left our luggage at the hotel, so before we continue our journey to Tokyo DH and the boys had to go back to the hotel to collect them (while Aina and I conveniently waited at the Hiroshima Station 🙂 ).


At the hotel lobby:


Luckily it was a nice afternoon (despite drizzling morning). The boys with the bags walking towards the station:


While DH stopped by to take this interesting picture (see the Santa on the porch?)


We saw a very advanced announcement too!


Soon we got ourselves into the waiting lobby for the Shinkansen. We were curious of some sweet desserts that we saw being made and sold at a some of the stalls that we bought a packet of them:


Yes, very neatly packaged (it was done in front of us, right after we made our order), with a nice box inside:


Nicely arranged inside the cute box:


It tasted very similar to our own “apam balik” .  The only difference was the filling. Here it consisted of sweet red bean paste:

(updated on 25th January 2013: I was later informed by a friend that these are called doriyaki, and can be found in Kuala Lumpur too 🙂  ) 

From Hiroshima we had to take 2 different Shinkansens – one to get to Shin-Osaka, and another from Shin-Osaka to Tokyo.


This is the first train at the platform. The gap between the train and the platform is very small (you could hardly see here):


The Japanese are so systematic. The coach/car number is already marked (for various train services) and the trains would stop exactly that point!

(even the total number of cars per train is indicated! In this case, there were 8 cars)


Our train finally arrived:


Very cosy  inside:


As expected, the important sections/points in our car and the adjacent ones were well indicated in front of every seat:


Again DH tried to record the speed, and again the fastest he got was 299kph:


Arriving at Shin-Osaka:


DH and kids bought some bento sets for their on board dinner. Then choosing the drinks at the vending machine (never mind that they also have vending machines INSIDE the trains!):


Here came the train that was to take us to Tokyo:


New, clean (as expected) and cosy, though not as spacious as the previous one:


DH’s table with his tablet and bento set:


The kids enjoying their bento dinner:


Inside DH’s bento:


The one wrapped in some leaf (rice and salmon):


I think this one used bamboo leaf:


Tokyo is over 500km away from Osaka. When we finally arrived at Ueno Station in Tokyo, it was almost midnight!



  1. I am not sure about the price, but I think they are between Y800-Y1000.
    The good thing about Japan is the prices are almost about the same, everywhere you go. for example, the drinks at the vending machines, if it’s Y115, it would normally be about that, even if the machine is in a park, hotel or airport.

    In 2011 when we went to Japan, my tempura set meal was about Y1000-Y11000, even at the airport! Unlike our place, if the roti canai is RM1 outside, at the airport cafe it would be at least RM3 😦


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