Turkiye Trip

(I plan to update this entry from time to time)

Last month, DH and I had the opportunity to spend 9 days in Turkiye.

Looking at things that I have to do now, I don’t think I will ever get to blog properly about the trip. Further more I atill have a few more entries for the Japan trip that we made in Dec 2012.


However, before I start to forget, I might as well put on record of the days spent there (in Turkiye):


7th February :

Took the flight to Istanbul via Doha (Qatar Airways), then took a domestic flight to Izmir, arrving late that night. DH blog on “Arriving At Izmir


8th February:

We took a day tour to Pamukkale where the roman ruins Hieropolis is.

DH’s blog entries: Hieropolis of Phrygia Part I ; Hieropolis of Phrygia Part II Hieropolis of Phrygia Part III ;  Pamukkale (The Cotton Castle) Part I Pamukkale (The Cotton Castle) Part II ;

Me jumping at the Roman Ampitheatre of Hieropolis:


9th February: Day tour to Epheseus, Selcuk.

Here’s me jumping at Epheseus;



DH’s blog entries – Ephesus I , Epheseus II , Virgin Mary & St John

10th February: Early morning flight to Kaiseri. We were picked up and sent to the hotel. In the afternoon we joined a group of tourist for lunch, then a trip to the Undercity and ended the day with a breath-taking view of The Valley of The Pigeons.


11th February: We took another tour that first took us to the Valley of the Pigeon (yeah… again 😦 ), then to a carpet cooperative (went to one when we were in Selcuk), had lunch, and then to the Open Museum of Gerome. When we finished the tour, DH and I took a coach to Ankara, arriving late that night.


12th February:Ankara – We went to visit the Museum , and the square near our hotel, before we went to the airport to catch the flight to Urfa.


13th February: We went to visit a few attractions near our hotel: Prophet Abraham’s birth-place, the nearby mosque, Balikli Gol, AinZuleikha and part of the bazaars.


14th February: We went to a few more attractions: Prophet’s Ayub’s Cave, some old mosques, beehive-shape mud houses and some ruins in Harran  and then we went to see the ruins of Gobekli Tepe. Late that evening we took a  flight to Istanbul.


15th February: DH went for Friday prayers at the Sultan Ahmet Mosque aka The Blue Mosque. We then went Grand Bazaar and Kurkcu Han (where I found the cotton and woolen yarns).


16th February: We visited Haja Sophia, Topkapi Palace and Sulaymeniye Mosque.


17th February: Took the morning flight back to Kuala Lumpur (via Doha, of course), arriving the following morning.




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