A Brief Visit to Miyajima (Itsukushima)

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Date: 17th December 2012


Once out of the ferry terminal on the island, we started our stroll:


Came across one of the  local deer with visitors:


Nicely lined and decorated shops:


Some of the fish/seafood dishes on offer:


More shops to feast the eyes:


We stopped at an eatery for our lunch break:


DH and the kids had this set meal – rice, mussels, cake and coffee. I don’t like mussels, so I just had white coffee with cake 😦

(Finding food is a torture to me because most of the fish dishes would have eel, salmon, tuna or mussels, and I don’t like any of them! Those that have eggs and vegies would have cheese, and again, I don’t like cheese 😦 )


Miyajima, or Itsukushima,  is a sacred shrine island, with the shrine complex being designated as a UNESCO World Heritage site.


It is also famous for one of the Japanese icons, the Torii Gate:


We decided to have one rare shot of us (DH and I seldom have our photos taken together)


Here’s one with my 3 kids:


The shrine is a huge complex:


Y ou have to pay a fee to enter. Since we were pressed for time, we decided to just admire it from afar…


Soon we were on our way back we saw a group photo being taken (so common in Japan 🙂 )


One last round of stroll along the “mall”:


We are always fascinated with the way the Japanese present their product and arrange their shops. this one sells local cakes:


The lighting too:


Finally, entering the ferry terminal.


We almost missed the ferry that was about to leave that we had to run to the ferry. Once inside, we were warm enough to enjoy the open deck:


Arriving at the mainland terminal:


At the far end of this pic is the ferry terminal. Underneath this junction is the pedestrian crossing. That’s why the junction looks neat 🙂


Here’s the Miyajima-guchi train station:


We took our train back to Hiroshima…



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