Way To Miyajima (Miya Island)

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Date: 17 December 2012


After the visit to the Mazda Museum, our next destination was a World Heritage Site, Miyajima (Miya Island).

The train that we took near the Mazda HQ goes directly to Miyajima-guchi, the gateway to Miyajima and it took us about45 minutes to get there.

Once we got out of the train and station, we walked towards the ferry terminals:


With our JR Passes, we were entitled to take free rides on the JR ferries to and fro Miyajima:


Waiting for the ferry:


The other ferry terminal on our left:


Here’s our ferry:


Once inside the ferry, we opted for the open deck level:


As our ferry was leaving Miyajima-guchi:


Suddenly it became breezy, and chilly!! Typical of the Japanese, even the ferry was well stocked with vending machines that sell both cold and hot drink!


As we were approaching the island, everybody started to stand up and look ahead:


One of the famous Japanese icons, The Tori Gate was so visible:


As we docked, we saw the other JR ferry leaving the island:


Out of the ferry terminal (on the island), we were greeted by the illustrative map of the island 🙂

To be continued..



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