Hiroshima Sanfrecce FC & Hondori Market

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Date: 16 December 2012


Remember the crowd that we saw building up at the park while we were still in the museum?


The crowd actually became bigger :


and bigger:


We saw a lot of purple-clad people, like this couple:


And this family:


They are supporters of Hiroshima Sanfrecce FC. The club had recently be crowned as the champion of Japan League Div. 1 !


They turned out that day to celebrate their club’s achievement!


A sea of people!


Here are their celebrated players!


I wonder who is Aoyama? Maybe one day one of the English Premier League teams will buy him?


Soon the gathering was over, and they walked (in the most discipline manner) away from ther park (so did we 🙂 ).


more crowd at the back:


Going back to our hotel, we decided to pass through the Handori Market:


Despite the heavy crowd/traffic, I managed to take notice of something familiar 🙂 though we didn’t enter 😦


And another one 🙂


There were just too many people. All eating joints were full 😦


DSo we decided to walk on, and leave the place behind:


Hiroshima tram:


It was nice to finally retire for the day in the hotel room 🙂


(I think we just had instant noodles for dinner. Too tired and lazy to go out)




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