Mazda Museum, Hiroshima – Part I

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Date: 17 December 2012

It was a cloudy morning, but our schedule was really packed.

We were going to Mazda Museum, then to Miyajima Island, before taking a five and a half hour  bullet train ride to Tokyo!

First, the morning walk to Hiroshima Railway Station. It was still very autumn-ish


We crossed the river and kept on walking:


Autumn is always attractive in its own way..


We rather early at the train station:


DH and the boys never got sick of watching trains, I guess..


It always fascinates me how disciplined the Japs are (queuing for the train):


We took a local train, and a couple of stops away, we reached the station. The staff at the station were ready to give us a map of the place, with indication on how to get to the museum, whe nwe asked for information.


It was really a brief walk, Then, VOILA!! The Mazda HQ:


Mazda Museum is open to public, with guided tour only (no free roaming) . To ensure a space for the guided tour, it is advisable that we booked the slot, which DH did 🙂


The huge reception desk where we registered:


The place is huge and spacious:

It was 10.15am, and the English-speaking guided tour would only start at 10.30am. While waiting for it we were welcomed to either

i. rest: (mummy and daughter with the Ipad and Ipod respectively)


ii. Keep ourselves entertained:



iii. enjoy the displays:


iv. Enjoy some snacks and drinks at the Tully’s Cafe at the far end (red banner):


to be continued..


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