Getting to Hiroshima

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Date: 16 December 2012

After a good night rest, that morning we were heading to Hiroshima.

First we had to leave the Shin-Osaka station:



To catch a train to Osaka (then Hiroshima)


Very early on Sunday morning, but the station was already busy 🙂


waiting for the train


Nafis’s first shot of the famous Japanese bullet train:


Our train had arrived:


Very cosy and spacious inside (definitely much more leg room than the planes!) and no need to bother with seat belts!


Basic information about our coach/car on the front, with indications on where the local amenities are located (toilets, garbage bins, etc) can be found in front of our seats.

Here’s a lady selling the food and drinks on board. She came around quite regularly, at least after a stop.


A typical Japanese scenery:

DH tried to record the speed of the bullet train, but it didn’t touch 300kph. The closest was 299kph.


Another look inside the train:




hiroshima finally!


There’s a huge busy junction in front of the station that we had to take the underground passage:


It’s a huge shopping complex on its own!


some Sunday afternoon activity;


Once out of the passage:


crossing a river (the station is some where on the far end of the right hand side in the picture here:


We walked another 100m or so from the bridge to get to our hotel.


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