Getting To Osaka

Date: 15 December 2012

Very early in the morning we found ourselves in the LCCT International Departure Lounge (we even had to do our fajar prayers there).

Inside the T-18 departure room for Air Asia X:


About 7 hours later (6.5 hours of flight, plus the immigration process and baggage collection), we were heading towards the train:


Out of the train:


Busy Osaka station:


Our hotel was only 5 minute away (on foot) from the station, but it was raining so heavily (and we were not prepared for it. We didn’t bring any umbrella):


so we decided to stop at the nearby for an early dinner (get it done, then after this can rest in the hotel room). Here my 2 son’s was tasked to make the order (one of them has some basic Japanese knowledge):


Tuna sandwiches for them, and vegetable sandwich for me (I hate tuna!)


soon the rain stopped, and we walked to the hotel. It was not that late, but since it was winter, it was already dark 😦 .


Next: Hiroshima, Here We Come!



  1. I just don’t like the taste 😦
    Remember when we went to Isle of Wight, you guys prepared egg sandwich for me? 😉


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