Day 6 in Nepal – Returning Home on Teej Day


Date: 18 September 2012

Previous post: Back to Kathmandu


It was our final day in Nepal 😦 . We wished we had more time, so that we would get to see the country when there’s less or no cloud at all.

Since our flight was in the afternoon, we decided to have a (final) morning walk:


We walked aimlessly, seeing more Nepali ladies in bright red saris ( we were to find out later that on that day it was the  Teej Festival )


Soon it was time to board the cab for the ride to the airport:


It was another cloudy day:


We started to see more ladies in bright-coloured saris:


They seem in a  hurry to get somewhere:



some opted for non-red, but they look ravishing nonetheless:


Then only the driver told us it was Teej day.


There was a point where the road was closed and our cab driver had to detour and took another (longer) route to the airport.



I like red so I enjoyed watching the ladies 🙂


At one point I was beginning to worry if we would get to the airport in time for our departure. After more than double the normal time to get there, we finally (to our relief) reached the airport:


Our flight home was on time:


At the departure hall, it suddenly occurred to me that I was concluding the trip to one of the places I dreamt of visiting (Nepal) and I felt sad because I never got to see the Everest 😦


Once in the plane, and almost ready to leave:


The flight was full of Nepalis coming to Malaysia to work, even the toilet had temporary instruction in the local script 🙂


I hope I get another chance to return to this beautiful country, and get to see Everest!



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