Day 4 in Nepal – Down Town Pokhara and Sarangkot

Date: 16 September 2012

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After a brief  break at the hotel, we we made our way to the Pokhara town centre.

First stop was as a bridge, crossing the Seti river:


Then only we entered the town centre:


It was late afternoon, so the “rush hour” greeted us, as people were going home from work:


Though much better that those in Kathmandu, some stretches of the streets looked  depressing to me:


According to most guidebook and sites, we should see the Old Quarters of the town:


Pretty quiet and boring, until I stumbled upon a pa and ma shop:


With our driver (the guy in the red cap) as the translator, I managed to buy a few pieces of plain cotton, though I later realised that they were not really of good quality 😦 . Saw some local design sarong, but upon checking the quality of the cotton is not to my liking, and they were all imported from Indonesia (not cheap either!)


We later moved towards Sarangkot.


This is a famous spot to view the Himalayas, provided it is not cloudy like this:


We were pinning our hopes for the cloud to clear a bit and waited


and waited..


Instead, the cloud just thickened:


My view that afternoon:


When it should have been like this:

(from )


The lady at the coffee house tried to sell me the handwoven ‘whatever”:

Unfortunately I was not interested (beyond my budget, and I couldn’t think what I could do with it)


The clouds were getting closer:


Met these local kids enjoying their cool afternoon outdoor:


No view of the Himalayas, so we concluded our outing with this jump 🙂


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One comment

  1. Hi Moksu. I have been to Nagarkot. At the time, I was just 18. It was a long walk from Kathmandhu. This was my fist experience of winter. I remember putting a hairdryer on to keep the room warm. I slept with a few layers of clothes and a woolly hat. It wasn’t a pretty sight! Lols

    I think the best time to see the Himalayas was at dusk or dawn especially in the winter time. Hence why I think you couldn’t see due to the humidity and clouds interfering with the view.


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