Day 2 in Nepal – Kathmandu Part II

Date: 14 September 2012

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We had done quite a lot of walking (more than 5kms for sure) and we needed a break. By then, the shops that participated in the half-day strike started to open for business again.

We stopped at a cafe to have some drinks, and momo (Nepali snack), which happened to be Niva’s favourite food!


DH and I opted for vegetarian ones.

After a good rest, esp to our tired feet, we took a cab to the hill top, to visit a famous temple there. At the entrance we saw coconut (not the young ones, just those that we would normally use to extract milk fro, for cooking)  for sale as snacks:


The view from the temple was breath-taking:


What a crowded city Kathmandu is:


Another side:


The sky didn’t look good:


The iconic image of Nepali Buddhism:


We decided to decent on foot, and chanced upon an ice-cream guy. “Royal” Everest Ice-cream? (Nepal got rid of their royalties in 2004)



I decided to give Niva a treat 🙂



On the way down, we saw some monkeys. Niva accidentally dropped her cup of ice-cream, which was later snapped by the monkeys 😦


There’s another praying site down the hill:


but I was too tired by then.


We took a cab, sent Mahes and Niva back home then went back to our hotel for some rest.

Later Mahes rode his bike to our hotel, and guided us (in another cab) to his home:


The ground floor is designated for a shop and to park their bikes  while they live on the first floor: the second floor is being rented by a Muslim family, whose daughter is very close to Niva.

Here are me,  Mahes and his missus, Sumitra,  in their house:


Dhal bhat (dhall with rice) for me specially cooked by Sumitra 🙂


We had very nice vegetarian dinner that night, and a memorable time too. We had to leave when the power cut started (though, like many other houses, Mahes had the the generator on, and hence we had some dim lights on).


Thank you Mahes, Sumitra and Niva for a great day. I hope one day you will visit us in Kuala Lumpur 🙂


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