Day 1 in Nepal – Arriving in Kathmandu

Date: 13 September 2012

We were back at LCCT, to catch one of the Air Asia X flights, this time to Kathmandu 🙂


I was one of the a handful of females on board (or was I the only female passenger?) , with the flight full of Nepalis returning home!



As the plane landed at our destination:


We had the bus waiting for us – when the building/”door to the building” was just on the right-hand side of the building in the background:


Initially we waited but when we found out that the entrance was just at the end of the building (near the van in the pic) we decided to just walk 🙂 :


We took a cab to our hotel. It’s located in the touristic  Thamel district where this is a common view:


Soon my local friend (whom I met during my 7-week stay in Tokyo in 2004), Mahes, came to visit us:


He was so kind, he invited us for dinner at his place the following day!

After Mahes left us, we decided to go out looking for dinner.

On our way back, we were caught in a flash flood (yeah, it rained heavily while we were having our dinner, but we were really not expecting a flash flood!!)


BTW, due to high demand, power ration is a common thing in Kathmandu 😦 . Our hotel not excluded:


During power cut, we only had basic lighting. No aircon, no TV, no power (to charge hand-phone/notebook/ipad). So we figured out it was no point in paying extra USD10 for an air-conditioned room. Just the basic room with fan would do 🙂 .


Next: Day 2 in Nepal – Kathmandu Part I




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