Another Buddy Passed Away :-(

This morning I got a call from a close friend informing me of the passing of our good friend, Ab Aziz Ab Rahman. Apparently he had a heart attack and didn’t survive.

The late Aziz was my classmate for 5 years, i.e. since I came back to Kelantan and joined a primary school there, until I left for a different secondary school.

I always remember him as a pleasant person, well-mannered, and always smiling. He was like a sidekick to the late Yusoff Ismail. I didn’t know much about him, except that he hailed from Bukit Panau, and he took the public bus to school. Together with a few others, we had great memories together during those 5 years!

I later met him during a reunion in 2001, and  another reunion a few years late.

Here’s a picture of me with the late Aziz standing (from the Raya 2002 album):


Amnd here’s a picture of him (in red) during a Raya gathering in 2004:

This is his profile picture on Facebook:


What can I say about him?

Over four decades we grew apart, but he is always special in my heart! May Allah bless his soul!





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