The Half Century Mark!

Yesterday was my birthday, at least officially. And officially I am now half century old. I am grateful with the life that is given to me. I am blessed with a great family, relatives and friends. There are just too many of them that those few who tried to make me feel miserable are negligible to me 🙂

The kids gave DH and I a bean bag each:

(I bet you can guess which one is mine!)

Here’s what I did yesterday:

1. Woke up at 4.30am for the early meal (I was going to fast).

2. Did my morning prayers, did some ironing, cleaned the house (or rather the family and dining area).

3. Sent Aina to her friend’s house in Section 24, Shah Alam

4. Went to the wet market

5. Since I had some time to spare before I was to pick Aina, I decided to visit the famous Jakel (Textile Shop). I will write more about this 🙂

6. Fetched Aina and 3 friends, took them home

7. Sent Aina and friends to Setia City Mall

8. Did some early cooking and prep tasks for today’s lunch meet with some friends

9. Fetched Aina and friends.


I was so exhausted in the late afternoon (I had been up since 4.30am!) that I unintentionally took a long nap – woke up just in time for the breaking of fast. I was too tired to sent Mae back to college, but I did manage to prepare some quick dishes for dinner.


That was about it 🙂 . Four friends remembered to wish me happy birthday via sms/FB. Two of them are very close to my heart and I was not so surprised to receive the wishes, but the other 2 came from 2 young former colleagues, whom I didn’t expect to remember my birthday!!


Now, back to Jakel, yesterday was my second visit to the place. The first was during the chaotic, recently concluded  fasting month when it was just too difficult to move around. I went there with DH to get some curtain fabric, and we did just that!

However, yesterday, despite me wanting to only buy some fabric for my head scarves, I ended up buying some dress fabrics too! The temptation was too great to miss. Maybe I was in a good mood because I managed to get the parking spot right in front of the main entrance!


I can’t remember when was the last time I bought dress fabrics! The last time I bought new “baju kurung” was for Eid Mubarak LAST YEAR!I hope I will not buy anymore for at least another year… I just do not feel the need to, anyway 🙂










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