Clark to Davao

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Date: 14th June 2012


That morning, we boarded the new service by Air Asia (Philippines) to Davao:


It was quite a long flight, over 2 hours, but I was kept occupied with fascinating views of the islands, like this:


Davao Airport from our plane, shortly after we landed:



Waiting for our bags, and we were welcomed by colourful posters and signs:


Just outside the airport, we saw a giant durian (apparently this fruit is also a local icon):


Public transport in Davao:


Our cab driver was courteous:


The SM Mall near our hotel:


After we checked in, we went to the above mall to look for lunch. We came across thiss outlet that serves halal dishes (It’s a seafood restaurant, anyway)


We decided to try a local dish, using the local bangus  fish (milk fish):


The fish was grilled, then dipped and served with soup of fresh  vegetables. I think the other dish was the grilled squids (?). The plain rice was pre-packed in banana leaves:


It was definitely a filling meal!


We then walked around the shopping mall, before we decided to rest early (we woke up pretty early that morning, having to catch the morning flight out of clark).



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