Coffs Harbour

Previous entry: Port Macquarie

Date: 5th June 2012


We arrived the night before to this cosy cabin:


Woke up to a breakfast of  “the leftovers from the previous day’s shopping”



Our cabin from outside:


It was bright and sunny outside:


We later had a proper breakfast (of coffee and muffins) at the nearby McD. We spent some time there because of the free wi-fi 🙂

Once all the updates on Facebook were done and emails all checked (and responded where necessary), we headed to the sea front:


I just had to get my feet wet:


The water was pretty warm, really!


Trying my best not to get my jeans wet:


This is THE Pacific Ocean, OK?


Now you know why my jump was without shoes:


We later drove to access the beach (seen in the far back of the above picture).


The lifeguards on duty:


Nice eh?


A slightly different jump (shoes still off):


We later decided to go near the harbour:


first was the coastal walk:


Then we went closer to the harbour:


boats and yachts everywhere:


To be continued…


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