Japan Trip 2011 – White Otaru Part I

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Date: 8th December 2011

We left Sapporo Station that morning, heading towards Otaru, once the main port that served Sapporo.

The weather forecast that day said that there was a good chance of snow. We didn’t have to leave Sapporo far to see it come true:


This is the heaviest snow I’ve ever experienced in my life!


Otaru Station:


Just outside of the station:


We wanted to see the old canal, so we kept on walking in the snow:


I came across an enclosed mall along the way, so I went in briefly to warm myself up a bit:


But soon we had to continue walking:


The freshly fallen snow:


When I feel cold, I always feel like jumping, and the same thing happened that morning 🙂 :

If you look carefully you can see the old railway track above (mostly covered with snow). The 2 people were shooting some pix, so I guess it must have been a famous old track then..


For a working day, the main street was pretty deserted, so I decided to jump again:


I was asking DH if we really wanted to proceed to where we were heading, looking at the dark sky ahead of us:


DH said we had all the time to spare, so we might as well walk around…


We came across a rickshaw:


On our left is the old canal and warehouses:


It was freezing cold, so I put on the hood:

Behind me were tour buses, dropping off tourists near the canal.


We kept on walking, and at one point we came across a shop that sells the famous crabs:


We also saw a cute tram that we wished we could take a ride in, but we didn’t speak the language, so we didn’t know how to ask, so gave away the idea:


I couldn’t resist a photo shoot in front of a shop that sells all sorts and sizes of bears:


This place must be a popular site, with the Musical box meseum behind me:


With the snow covering the roads, many  people tourists  forgot that they were standing on the main street!


I rested for a while before we continued to explore the area…


Next: White Omaru Part II




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