An Open Letter to My Neighbour-to-be

Salam and a very good Saturday morning to you,

I sincerely hope your Saturday morning is good, because mine is no longer as good as it used to be.

For the past 6 weeks or so, my Saturdays are like like Monday-Friday, where it has been constant knocking and banging from your side of the block.  Sometimes I wonder how much longer this is going to last?


I know you want a dream home, and you can afford to do so financially, that’s why you get the contractor workers to knock so many walls of your house. Never mind the fact that the house has already got 4 bedrooms with attached bathrooms and another room downstairs (not including the store room nor the little storeroom under the staircase). I also am ignoring the fact that I heard you only have ONE child. I always thought that this house of a built-up area of 3600sq feet is more than enough, but I could be wrong! 😦


I know it’s easy for you to want any kind of renovation done because you are not living in it yet. And yes, my husband has signed the consent letter (required by MBSA) for you to knock the back part of the house and extend your build-up space. We do believe that that is your right because it is your land. Never mind that our air flow can be partially blocked, because the location of our houses is high up and we have plenty of wind blowing into them.


However I would like  you to know that a few of us here are prone to migraine, and the contant knocking and drilling can really drive us mad. I am trying my best to tolerate it on weekdays, because it is conveniently assumed that we would be at work, though I do not work full time, and sometimes  we (my husband too) work from home.


I want you to know that on a serene Saturday morning like today, my nerves are not as well-behaved as on weekdays. Why? Because my brain is wondering how peaceful you are at your home, and not knowing what kind of torture we have to endure here in OUR home, just because you want to have such extensive renovation on your side!


Sometimes I feel like suggesting to MBSA to only allow huge renovation like this (or any renovation at all) ONLY IF the owner lives in the premise! Then maybe the owner can understand the torture that we, the next door neighbours who share part of the walls have to endure!


I think we are saved by the fact that the developer of this area does not allow any renovation work on Sundays, otherwise 7-days a week I have to put up with this!


Nevermind about the dust that collects on my car, and gets into the house. Nevermind that I have to mop the floor almost everyday – because it is my fault that i want my floor to be free of dust, most of which comes from the knocking downs that are happening on your side.


This has been a long letter, and I hope you can read this with empathy, because as I am writing this letter I am also shivering with anger, trying to control myself from shouting to your workers to stop those knockings!!!!

In short, I hope you remember the phone call I made to you 2 weeks ago, asking for Saturday works not to be noisy, because Saturdays are when everybody is home here, and we would appreciate a quieter time, just like before the renovation work started.

Despite all these, I do welcome you to the neighbourhood. I hope you will move in ASAP, because that will also mean the end of those knockings and drillings!!


Sincerely yours,


(a very disturbed neighbour-to-be)

Honestly, sometimes I feel like going next door and shoot those workers(as if I have a gun. Or should I consider ilegally get one? Hahahahahaha!! Can I plead insanity for that?









  1. Dear Sabariah

    Same masaalah nya dengan I dulu bilan I buat renovation rumah dia. Setiap hari termasuk saturday n sunday selama hampir 2 bulan ada bunyi knock here n there. Bunyi men drill lantai dan dinding. Naik bergegar jantung dan kepala ni hari hari. I tak faham apasal rumah teres murah ni yang tiba tiba nak jadi rumah banglo…Dinding depan rumah I ni pun habis dia naik kan dan mengakibat kan panas pada rumah kami dan kami hilan hak unuk mendapat angin. Dan tuan rumah tu pun tak duduk sini masa dia renovate.

    Tapi , suatu hari sabar I dah hilang . I hamput pekerja yang sedang mendrill tu …kebetulan tokey reno tu pun ada..habis dia sekali I amuk kan. I cakap berapa lama lagi mau buat macam mau buat istana kaa….You ingat saya ni anjing kaa hari hari mau dengar pung pang pung pang..hari weekends pun awak mau bikin…you dapat duit saya dapat sakit kepala tau…

    Sejak kejadian tu, tak da lagi bunyi bunyi yang menjengkel kan. Tak da lai pakai mesin yang besar2..semua pakai manual dan buat secara pelahan!

    So I ingat you kena cakap ngan contractor tu…or you buat report kat developer taman you.
    Well kita ni manusia..ada hak nak hidup tenang


  2. Ezza,

    Tu lah pasal…. kalau kita komplen lebih2 nanti org akan kata kita jeles sbb kita tak mampu nk buat reno besar2 macam tu (ok lah, mmg kita tka mampu pun). But that’s not the point. I don’t care how much reno work they want to do, tp jangan lah sampai kita pulak kena makan pain killers every 4 or 6 hours!!! I am really fed-up, and i know this reno work will take a few more months, not weeks!!!!!!! bila cakap pasal ni, i mmg bengang gila dah!!


  3. What if it was for nearly a year? Not only did she not mention that she was doing major work, but when my parents ask how long it took she says she does not know. We had to rely on asking the workers. Every morning, they start working before 8 even though they did mention work starts at 8. Sometime they finish work early but there were days where they continued till nearing maghrib.

    They moved back in (they were very fortunate that they were able to rent the house in front of ours when the owner died).

    I think in their ‘smugness’, they say even with a big house they still cannot fit everything in. My god, after all the sweat pouring in to build a bigger house they were not able to appreciate it because their stuff were a wall high.

    They ‘completed’ the work back in August but I still could some minor work being done to the house. They even installed an intercom – a very simple one without the video. We knew this when she dropped by this afternoon to invite us for their ‘house warming’. Just my parents even though I was the one who opened the door for her and she knew that this house there are only the three of us.


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