Goodbye Bergen

Date: 14th October 2011


After the walk around the Bryggen and the ride up the Floibanen, we walked back to our hotel.

DH still wanted to snap a few more pix of Bryggen from a distance, hence we got this one:


and this:


and this:


We even watched a ship leaving the harbour, and another one taking over its place:



We took a different way back to the hotel. Not that we were lost, but more because we wanted to see the place:


Nothing spactacular – people going about their day-to-day activity:


The streets were pretty quiet, for a Friday afternoon:




Everything is expensive. Here’s a list of how much it cost to get services from the hairdresser:


We passed the town theatre hall, but only the side view (the front part was under restoration):-


and the nearby square:


We found a halal kebab outlet:


And we got a rolled chicken kebab. Too big to eat alone so we shared:


Done with kebab, we went back to our hotel to collect our bags. I managed to access the internet (FB) briefly 🙂 :


Walking briskly to the Airport bus station, which is just round the corner of Hotel Radisson Blu.

We had a pleasant surprise when we found out the bus actually offers free wi-fi!!

We also had free internet access at Bergen Airport.


To get to Tromso, we had to take a flight back to Oslo, then get a connection flight to Tromso. By the time we arrived at Tromso Airport, it was 11.30pm local time.


Next: Staying in Tromso





  1. Astrid,
    To the locals I think most prices are reasonable. But for people from Malaysia like me, when I convert it, everything becomes so expensive. It’s even expensive when compared to those in Britain, America or Australasian.

    Bergen is indeed beautiful. Come to think of it, all towns/cities that we visited/saw in this journey are beautiful!! 🙂


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