Norway in a Nutshell – Flam Railway

After reaching the highest point of the rail journey, we continued on.


Another ski resort, I am pretty sure:


Ski lesson in progess:


Our train went through so many tunnels, some are pretty long. Here’s a shot of the exposed part connecting 2 underground parts:


More snow:


We finally arrived at Myrdal where we had to change trains:


Or next train, The Flamsbana Train is waiting for the red train to leave:


Nice classic look:

Nice locomotive:


Elegant interior too:


The passengers were mainly tourist, including a group of 24 Malaysians travelling with The Reliance Travel & Tours.

The train soon decended:


It even stopped at one famous waterfall, the Kjosfossen Waterfall:


A mandatory photo shoot:


There are many other high waterfalls:


with picturesque surrounding:


It was definitely pleasing the eyes:


A valley that once was the pathway of glasiers:


And yet we could find human settlements like this one:


One cute station building along the way:

The pictures I have here do not justify the 1.5 hour train journey. We soon arrived at our destination, Flam :


Next will be our bout ride along the fiords!



One comment

  1. My favorite place! Don’t know how many times I’ve been here and taken the Flåm railway. Last time was in April 2003, when hubby was here for the very first time. We tried to walk it up to Myrdal (from Flåm) but had to return almost at the top due to too much ice/snow on the road – too dangerous even on foot! 🙂


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