Kawan Awan 2011 – Part 3 (Final)

You may wish to read Part 1 and Part 2 before you proceed to read this blog entry.


Here’s a close shot of the goodie bags:

Apart from the goodie bag sponsored by LSG Sky Chefs, they also received duitraya/angpow from Capt Nik himself:

They gawked at their huge plane:

After which they happily walked towards the jumbo:

The pilots were all ready:

Though they had the boarding passes with allocated seat numbers, they actually were allowed free seating:

The Boeng 747 can carry 450 pax, hence it was so spacious for us:

Putting away the bags:

Ah, we needed to know more about the plane, didn’t we?

Getting to know the seats and gadgets around them:

In preparation for the possibility:

Here’s Capt Nik (such a simple and humble guy!) being interviewed by the media team:

We were attended to by a charming team of inflight crew, like this lady:

Once air borne, the non-Muslim got to sample some inflight refreshments:

While the Muslims were given the food and drinks to be taken home:

Some (or rather most of them!) started looking out of the window 🙂

It was a short 35 min ride. Before we knew it, we were ready to leave the plane 😦 :

Though impromptu, we managed a few group photos with the banner, like this one:

After over 24 hours of excitement (starting from the moment they left their homes the day before), they were finally going home:

Buses were already waiting for them:


That was it! Though short and simple, I am sure the outing will remain in their memories forever.

Personally, I would like to thank Capt Nik for inviting us to join in the event. Being an orphan myself (mum and dad passed away when I was 13 and 17 respectively), I could really feel for the kids. Many times, when I saw the orphans, I became overwhelmed with emotion and had to fight hard to stop the tears from flowing.

I just hope there’ll be more “Kawan Awan” events in the future. I also would like to be more actively involved. I could see myself handling some activities for them and going around looking for contributions for the gifts!!





  1. Capt Nik,
    I am no feature writer 😦 .

    Tu lah, each time I teringat these kids, I rasa sebak. You know why? Sebab they do not really know what they arre missing. When I was an orphan, I was most of the time very grateful with what I got – esp the love from my aunties and cousins. Bila dah tua, dan ada keluarga sendiri, baru i perasan I was so in such a “welfare” condition!

    They definite are lucky, but for only ONE day..

    He sure does, doesn’t he?


  2. Dear Puan

    It’s heartwarming to see the kids getting special attention during an auspicious month of Ramadan. I feel for the children for I am orphaned myself. My father passed away when I was 2 yrs old. Being a middle age person now, I know how it feels to miss the TLC of a father. However, I had caring sisters who cared for me, alhamdulillah.
    I have always wanted to get involved in such charities as the one you organized but don’t know how. Perhaps, i did not get connected with the right people.
    Anyway, good job!! May you are blessed!!


  3. Laila,

    I know what you mean because I loss my mother when I was 13 and my father when I 17.

    You’ll be surprised to know there are many other unfortunate kids around.


  4. hey smz,

    i’d like to know what are the names of the six orphanage 🙂 i went on that trip too, please message me back thank you


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