Seoul-Searching Trip – Day 4 Part 2

After the visit to EGG Hall, we walked to Changdeok Palace.

It was still freezing, and a brief stop at a western cafe was much appreciated. The kids had vegetarian sandwiches, while I had a fruit bun, with coffee;

We continued our walk to the palace. When we arrived there, we didn’t waste much time buying the tickets. Soon DH distributed the tickets among us:

After we entered the gate (which is not as grand as that of Geongbok Palace) ,

but with the beautiful landscape and building structure, it got recognition from the World Heritage Site:

The palace decoration is very much like the Geongbok Palace. Many times I found myself roaming around in the freezing weather alone:

I tried very much to be in the sunlight, but unlike home, I couldn’t feel the warm of the sun:

The main throne building:

The throne inside was impressive:

The landscape is beautiful:

but it was just too cold for me to keep on roaming around the palace ground.

So, I decided to take shelter at the nearby cafe:

I read the palace brochure in the warmer cafe room, until the kids and DH came to join me.

As we were leaving the palace, walking towards the main entrance/exit:

We wanted to go to  the nearby temple which is also on the World Heritage Site list, but we didn’t take the earlier pedestrian crossing, hence we missed it. We were too tired to turn back, so we decided to head towards the nearest subway station.

Aina and I went back to our hotel while DH and the boys went to visit Itaewon IT Centre.


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