Seoul-Searching Trip -Day 3 (part 2)

Venue (please click on the museum name to get to its homepage):

The National Folk Museum of Korea

After spending close to 3 hours in the open freezing air, we took refuge in the museum’s cafe, to enjoy some vegetarian sandwiches and hot drinks (no pic),

The entrance hall is very spacious:

There is NO entry fee (that’s right, it’s FREE!). Despite that the displays are fantastic. Furthermore, photography is allowed as long as there is no usage of flash.

Where the Koreans originated from:

Looking at some exhibits:

Learning the Korean alphabets interactively:

admiring ancient footware:

Aina attempting a traditional board game:

Watching the video on how to make kimchi:

Kinchi display:

A weddding ceremony:

I had the pleasure of witnessing a real one in 2005.

There are really many interesting exhibits that I just can’t decided which ones to be added in,

After the indoor round, I took a breather at the entrance hall (it was also our wash-room break 🙂 ):

We later explored the outdoor display. First, the 12 Chinese zodiac years:

Nukman identified his:

Next was the enactment of the old   street , with typical shops and salons:

This coffee shop is not so much different from the ones we used to have at home:

The kids and DH really took a long time to admire this place and took  many shots.

There was also the water pump (which we used to have at our homes too):

I got tired of waiting and standing too, so i took refuge at the old tram . Here’s a pic of the tram with Aina:

I also managed to rest outside one of the “shops”:

There was a time when I felt like jumping:

And a family ghoto shot:

We only left the museum when it was announced on the PA system that the museum was about to close soon! But we didn’t leave without going via some historical statues (some are real, while others are replicas):

We then walked towards the Sejongno main street, and met up with Uncle Confucius (I think):

It was getting dark, so we hurriedly went to the nearby Gwanghwamun station to get back to our hotel..

Next day’s event consists of this:



  1. Korean, thank you for the correction 🙂 . I found out about it yesterday when I read on my friend’s blog. Koreans have a great history!


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