Seoul-Searching Trip – Day 3 (Part 1)

Monday, 13th December 2010

It was a very cultural day 😉 .

We started the day by visiting the Gyeongbokgung, or Gyeongbok Palace.

As usual we took the subway to get there. Even the station near the palace looks very royalty..

When we arrived, the change of guard had just started!

When the ceremony was over, I managed to get a pic of me with the guards:

We then bought the tickets for the palace tour:

and entered the palace via the main entrance:

Gyeongbok Palace, being the main palace amongst the 5 palaces in Seoul, is so extravagant in its design, layout and size!

The carvings are very intricate, and lovely:

We kept  on roaming the palace ground, and admiring its beauty, despite the freezing weather:

the ceilings are awesome:

We also came across the (replica) sundial invented by the Koreans:

I was here in 2005, so I this time round I was not so keen to spend too much time here, but DH and the kids seemed really occupied:

After over 2 hours roaming around the palace compound, I gave up and decided to take a break at the lake, while the kids and their dad continued their tour:

I can imagine how beautiful the lake area is in spring:

When I thought we were not going to bulge from the palace, finally we managed to get to the next destination, which is just next door to the palace. It’s the National Folk Museum:

By the way, to see more pix, please visit Nafis’s album.


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