Seoul Searching Trip – Day 2

Sunday 12th December 2010.

We started late. We really took it easy.

First destination was the Seoul Station:

The interior looks spacious, but the station is not as impressive as Shanghai station, as blogged here.

Second stop was the Namdaemun Market. We walked from Seoul station to the place.

Looking at the crowd, no wonder the place is so famous:

There are all sorts of things on sale, but after several trips, I’ve stopped buying stuff on my trips, because most of them ended up lying around in the house. If I wat to give to friends, I have to make sure I have enough for them, which is normally not the case!

The mobile information officers:

People watching is interesting at Namdaemun Market:

And goods watching:

After Namdaemun, we took the subway to another tourist haunt, Insa-dong. By then we quite good in reading the subway map 🙂 .

The main activity was again people watching!

The boys selling the traditional kkultarae caught my attention:

It was entertaining to watch them sing as they prepare the food.

We later walked towards the river. The river is well-knowned for being turned over from an ugly one into a very clean clear-water one! I wonder if Klang River can one day be like that? Singapore has done that to their rivers too, so why wan’t we?

I started to feel colder, and put the scarf over my mouth, like most locals do 🙂

It was so cold that my jumping spree continued:

While walking back to our hotel, I came across this shop, and the motto caught my attention. “Born to be chicken”??

That’s all for now. I hope to be able to add more pix from Nafis’ camera later.

The next blog (Day 3) will have this pic:


One comment

  1. I too seldom purchase any items except for clothing. Even for my family, we only buy chocolate/coffee.

    By the way, where is the scarf that you were knitting that day?


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