Seoul-Searching Trip – Day 1 (Part 2)

We left Itaewon by taking the subway Line 6, heading towards Seoul World Cup Stadium.

Seoul’s subway is easy to use. Well, after surviving Shanghai’s subway (where there are not many Anglisised signage), I guess any other subway/metro ais relatively easier to use 🙂 .

Waiting for the train:

As we got out of the station:

A quick photo outside the stadium:

Almost frozen, we quickly found our way indoor, just to realised that certain parts of the stadium are actually a shopping mall, a wedding reception hall  and a cinema!

Inside the mall, we found an interactive screen that caught our attention:

It was not difficult, click on the self-timed camera  on the wall), got your image captured, edit it as you like:

if you’re not happy with it, you can delete:

and snap another one:

then push it “out”  of the interactive screen:

to be part of the so many moving pictures:

Satisfied with the achievement (hahaha!), we walked towards the museum located nearby (also part of the stadium complex). The entrance fee was only W1,000 (About US$1.00).

We were happy to find out that photography is allowed inside the stadium:

I was telling Nafis that despite not knowing much about football (soccer), I recognise this guy 🙂 :

We discovered that we could get into the stadium via the museum!

And again, I felt like jumping:

Even DH wanted a photo of him there despite being 8 years late! (the world cup was held here in 2002)

Nukman & Aina too:

Nafis in action;

Nafis “off duty”:

Done with the outdoor, we went back into the meseum. There are really many things to see.  They have the world soccer history as well as the Korean soccer history, which surprisingly includes Korea winning our own (Malaysian) Merdeka Cup in 1970:

One of the 2002 World Cup corners:

There are also many things to do, like playing the virtual soccer here:

It’s your shadow that moves the “ball”:

or trying the virtual goal defend:

ok, ok… the picture above doesn’t really show how it was played. That’s the screen capture of the game 😦 .

Oh, I want to show the picture of me with the Korean team 🙂 :

And the model of the stadium to end my blog:

We took the subway back to our hotel, fully knackered….


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