Seoul-Searching Trip – Day 1 (Part 1)

It was Saturday, 11th December 2010.

We started the day by leaving the cosy (ant yet not too expensive) hotel:

Immediate mission: to reach Itaewon, look for the mosque or the vicinity of the mosque, in order to find a halal outlet.

We knew that Itaewon is only 2 subway station away, and since the day looked so clear (despite the freezing temperature), we decided to walk.

We also knew that we will pass by the War Memorial on our way there, but we (at least not me and DH) didn’t know that the external compound could be so interesting:

The exhibits outside the meseum could easily take so much of our time! There are so many things to see:

I like the “Statue of Brothers” statue:

Here’s the description:

And yes, the bigger brother is obviously South Korea 🙂

Despite agreeing to come again to this place later, we still found ourselves wondering around the place:

And having a jump:

or two:

before I finally found myself standing in front of the main building:

By the way, here’s the tanker inside which  I jumped earlier:

Soon we left the place to proceed with our walk to Itaewon. It was a pleasant walk:

At a busy intersection, we took the pedesterian overpass where we could have quite a nice view down:

We walked towards a halal restaurant (by the name of Petra):

but decided to walk further towards the busy Itaewon. Along the way, we could see the Seoul Tower:

Whe we reached the main street of Itaewon, Aina got a new pair of walking shoes there:

Soon we saw this place:

Yeah, two halal restaurants near each other.

We decided to enter the one we came across first, Usmania International Restaurant:

It’s a Pakistani restaurant, but frecognises that Malaysia exists? See the pic below,

It was warm and comfy:

We were so hungry that only after half way eating that I remembered to snap a shot of my chicken biryani:

Like any other middle-class restaurants, the dishes are a bit pricy. If everyday we eat like this, we will surely burst our budget!

Done with the meal, next destination is Seoul World Cup Stadium!

to be continued..


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