The Beginning of A Seoul-Searching Trip

Last night, we arrived at Incheon International Airport via an Air Asia flight. As we got out of the airport’s cutoms, a friendly (pre-booked) cab guy waited for us: Mr Han briskly lead us out of the airport: As we waited for the cab: It wasn’t long at all: I tried my best to capture this moment: Everything happened so fast – well… it was freezing, and Aina did’nt get her jacket out of her bag! Let’s get into the MPV: very fast indeed! T As we were leaving: he cab was fully equipped with GPS and digital TV, very hi-tech!:

The tv channels  are digitally re-broadcasted by Tu Media. I remember whe I was last here in 2005, we visited the TU Media operations centre.  We were even taken to the roof top to see the transmission dish. I must look for that pic!

While in the plane, the lady who sat next to me was friendly. She’s a Korean who has been living in KL for 2 years with her 2 children.  They came to live in KL for the sole purpose of getting the kids into an international school. She wanted her kids to learn English. Her husband still workd in Seoul. Last night the lady and her kids were coming home for a month long holiday. According to her, there are many Korean families who are like them – come to stay in KL for their kids education!


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  1. Very true kak Saba, memang ramai koreans study in KL. At my condo they rented a few units and depa buat mcm hostel pulak. After a while we residence made complaint sbb they made a lot of noise, swimming pool and gym dah jadi mcm public properties.


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