Mother’s Day Gifts Came Late For me (Part I)

First, last night DH took me to Ramli Sarip’s “Tafsiran Alam” concert at Dewan Filharmonik Petronas.

The last time I was there was when I went to watch Dato Khatijah Ibrahim’s concert last year with Aisyah (DH bought the tix for him and me but when the time came, he had to go to USA for some business meets).

Anyway, back to last night, it was a good show by our Papa Rock. I enjoyed the sing along parts too especially for the songs “Ku Di Halaman Rindu”, “Kamalia” and “Doa Buat Kekasih”. If for Dato Khatijah’s concert, Ramli was a guest, this time Ramli decided to have Misha Omar instead. I used to like Misha’s singing, but last night she didn’t really impress me. Her too tight for comfort dress made her look uncomfortable, and it looked like she tried too much to sing well that it looked stressful to me.

But Ramli Sarip really rocked! There were times that I was worried that he might have a heart attack, but he did very well. Man Kidal was one of the guitarists, and the repertoire of the musicians were entertaining too. Despite having the concert in such formal hall, they still maintained a rock ambience.

There was  a moment when DH pointed to the cameraman (while Misha was singing solo). DH wanted to tell me that the lens he (the cameraman) was using was very sensitive (and expensive too) that there was no need to use flash. I looked at the cameraman on duty, and saw half of his face (from nose upwards). I told DH that the cameraman looked like Bazuki, my high school junior.

True enough, at the end of the show, I met up with Bazuki, as well as another schoolmate, Hilmy. We had a great time admiring Bazuki’s hugh lenses.

Here’s a pic of DH with Bazuki and Hilmy’s eldest son, affectionately known to us as Along (his name is Hakym 🙂 ):



And here’s a pic with Hilmy:



And here’s a pic of old schoolmates 🙂 :


And I just had to have this pic taken 🙂 :



It was a wonderful outing, despite being a week night…




  1. Yes, the two huge white lenses are:
    Canon EF 400mm f/2.8L IS USM – costs about RM32k
    Canon EF 500mm f/4L IS USM – about RM26k

    There you go!


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