Duvet Covers – from 15 years ago…

As I was unpacking our stuff (still a lot more to go), I came across these duver covers and I became nostalgic:








I bought 2 0f the first one (Power Rangers) for Bok and Ayi (the ones who are now in MMU and Canada, respectively).  I bought 2 sets of the second one for Pih (The PLKN guy) and Mae Mae (who is now in Form 5 in Seremban), who were then great fans of Lion King, the disney movie.

The 3rd one was of course for Nuni.

All these were bought in Argos while I was studying for my MSc in York, UK. We do not use duvet, but the kids use them either as their bed cover, or blanket! I wanted to buy bedsheets but they (Argos) only sold those designs in duvet set.

The back of the Lion King design has lots of Baby Simba.


Close-up of the little Simbas:


Here’s a pic of the set with the matching pillow case:


The other side of the Power Rangers ones looks like this:


Well…. looking at the duvet covers made me feel so nostalgic.

All the duvet covers are in good condition, the cotton is still thick and the colour has not worn out, so I will just keep them for the future 😉 .


I went to York in September 1995 alone. I left all 5 kids with my parents-in-laws in Kelantan  (while DH was alone in Shah Alam) for ONE year while I went to pursue my MSc. I came back for X-mas and Easter, and finally at the end of September 1996 for good.



  1. Sab..

    bila tgk semua ni..pasti kita tekenang kan zaman masa anak anak kecik kecik lagi, sekarang ni semua dah besar panjang dan akan membina kehidupan mereka sendiri…sedih kan bila anak anak meninggal kan sarang nya…

    And I tabik kat u…family you semua nyaa educated…dari mama papa dan anak anak anak…


  2. Khim,

    That’s very very true.
    Unfortunately I do not have much stuff from my childhood days :-(, only memories…

    Tu lah… Masa depa kecik dulu, tak sabar2 nk depa besar sb tak tahan ragam depa (dok bergaduh sesama sendiri). Tapi bila dah besar2 ni, teringat pulak zaman depa kecik2 dulu, rindu lah pulak..

    Alhamdullillah, so far ok lah anak2 i. Tapi perjalanan mereka masih jauh… I always tell them, they have to do better than their parents. I dulu mak bapa buta huruf, hidup serba kekurangan, boleh bina hidup sendiri. Takkan anak2 i yg almost semua ada tka boleh berjaya? Kalau tak berjaya tu, mmg malas lah..


  3. I’ve been scouring the web for a picture of that exact Lion King pillow case. My wife and I bought it for our son Sam when he was about three, and it became such a favourite that he has used it for fifteen years! This week he finally went away to start University, and he had to leave his favourite pillowcase behind – the colour washed out long ago, and there many holes in the material!

    We will keep looking for a replacement – some shop must have one somewhere on the Internet!


  4. Hello.i know there is only a small chance of you reading this, but please if you still have the lion king duvet can you possibly send it too me? Recently my sister was in an accident in Thailand and she lost this duvet which she loved very very much. It would mean the world to me if you got back to me at harrietkatexo@gmail.com or replied to this comment to give me any details about it, where it was manufactured or I would love to buy it just name your price x


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