My First Needlecraft Exchange for the Year

We, at NeedlesnCrafts always look for an excuse to have a needlecraft exchange 🙂 . This year we’ve identified a few.  Among them are:

  1. Valentine’s Day Exchange
  2. Anniversary Meet Exchange
  3. Pin Cushion  Exchange
  4. Bookmark Exchange
  5. Birthday Exchange

I think there are other exchanges, but the above are the only ones I can remember for now. Apart from no.3, I have actually signed up for all of them above!!

So for the first exchange, we are supposed to send to our partner something hand-made or bought, with a Valentine card.

Nik is my “sender” partner. I received the gift from her last Friday, but since we promised to only opened our gifts on 14th February, so I (like the others who participate in this exchange) will just have to wait despite having received our gifts. Anyway, here’s the parcel that I am just waiting to open up:


Nik had posted it quite some time ago, but the parcel was kept at the Post Office, and I was too busy to collect it, until last Friday.

BTW I sent mine last Thursday via Poslaju, and my “receiving” partner, Usha, received it the following day. I hope she likes what I got her.

Looking forward to 14th February  😉 .


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