More Raya Dos

We arrived home almost 9pm on Sunday night, after a great Raya Outing.

On Monday, I took the day easy. Did a lot of cleaning up and the laundry too. At 4.45pm, we visited my eldest brother (We are of different mothers, but same father). Nuni blogged it here.

Each time I visit him, he’d express his wish to go back to our hometown to visit our dad’s grave (which I have never visited). I remember telling him once that ONE DAY I’ll take him home. So last Monday, I had a quick discussion with DH and both of us agreed to do do the day after (yesterday).

So, yesterday morning we arrived at his place again at 8.15am to fetch him and his missus. Next we went to fetch his sister, who lives 30 mins away from where he lives.

We then went straight to the cemetery. After some checking (of the names on the tombstones), er finslly found dad’s grave, just next to his dad’s, cosily situated under  a huge tree:


My brother:


It was a well-kept cemetery:


We later went to visit my cousin (whom I visited just 2 days earlier). It was very nice of her to cook lunch for us.

We left our cousin’s house at about 12.30pm. We then visited my Segamat’s cousin house.It was nice to see the oldies chatting again:


We wanted to leave at 3pm, but we got held up with so many things – first to collect some leaves that my cousin claims help diabetic people:


My cousin always wants to give me s much as she could, for me to take home:


Yeah, there were some bananas, some homemade crisps (tumpi and tempeyek)

Our final stop was at my cousin’s eldest daughter’s house. She could not join us earlier because she had a full house of visitors, who only left when we arrived! LOL!

Despite having full tummies, we couldn’t resist the hot black coffee and cookies served:


And some updates/news while I munched away the goodies:


We finally left the place at 4pm, heading home via Gemas, Gemenceh & Tampin. It was a bad decision, because 5km before we reached Gemenceh, we were caught in a crawl:


And the usual queu-jumper, though not many:


By the time we were ready to enter the PLUS highway, we were told that there was a bad jam going up to KL, so we opted for the normal (slighly further, and can’t drive fast) Federal roads via Lubuk Cina -> Linggi -> Rantau -> Salak Tinggi -> Putrajaya, and finally to Puchong to send my sister. We later went to Sg Kapar Indah to send my bro and missus. WE only reached home at 9.30pm!

And the usual

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  1. I might be one of the que jumpers… hehe… when you are in a car with for boys (age range between 8 and 17), you dont mind paying RM300 fine as long as you can reach your destination faster… hehe (again)…


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