A Morning With Mae

This morning I attended Mae’s PMR’s prize-giving ceremony.

A few times I was overwhelmed with emotion. Will write more about it later (hopefully).

In the mean time, let’s enjoy some of the pix:


Mae receiving his gift for passing the DELF A2 last year  (he did the DELF A1 the year before that)



The gamelan team playing live music while the recipients came up the stage to receive the awards:


Last year they had their wind orchestra. They didn’t have it this time, and I missed it. Their wind orchestra is top, entering the national level competition.

This time Mae went up to receive his PMR gift. No big deal, since 110 of the students (out of aqbout 150 of them) got 8As:


Mae and I at one of the 3 banners of the 8A studnets:


A close-up of the above:


Before I forget, Happy Belated Birthday, Mae!

His birthday was yesterday. Pih’s and Aina’s were a few weeks ago. I have 3 April babies each in 1992, 1993 and 1997 🙂



  1. Ezza,

    Cepatnya dtg kat my blog. Belum habis lagi tu, nk cerita perasaan i masa dlm dewan tu, not much related to mae, but to the suasana mas tu as a whole, and to what i feel about teaching.. nantilah. mlm2 i sambung..

    Mae was only one of 110 pelajar sekolah tu yg dapat 8A! 76% pelajar sek tu dapat 8A!
    Tapi bila mae dpt sijil Bahasa Perancis tu, terasa jugak lah extra happy. I took up French almost 30 yrs ago (1981) dan dah berkarat dah.. Mae pulak yg ambil sekarang.


  2. what ! you tau bahasa french…saya ni cuma faham melayu dan english jer..bahasa minang pun tak pas lagi..hahaha..

    I just want to tell you that I tabik spring kat both of you..didik anak dengan cemerlang…..tang entry lepas tu pasal coklat tu..I pun coklat lover…..


  3. Ezza,

    Bahasa French tu kisah lama… teramat lama… habis berkarat! One full year buat French dulu, terseksa juga, tapi itulah akibat cabar diri sendiri.

    Chocolate? I mmg suka, tp control juga lah sekrg ni, sb berat bada ncepat naik.

    Not a bad idea, tapi mama kena kerja kuat lah.. sb scholarship makin susah… 😦
    Unless you help out a bit? 😉

    As I said earlier, a mum will do almost anything for her children…


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