UNISEL Got The Publicity For The Wrong Reason!


Sad, that’s what I think.

UNISEL has always been “hot” with so many news and controversies, even since I was there, all the way until now 😦 .

Even though I’ve left Unisel for over 3 years now, I still receive news about it from my former colleagues. Unfortunately most of the time the news are quite disappointing.

Even the above piece of news, when I heard about it, I thought to myself “Finally?”. I was thinking of the same incident in 2006, but a few hours ago when I actually got to read the news, I was really shocked to find out that the same “misconduct” happened only last year!

You see, in 2006, I heard the same thing, and it was reported. I am not sure how far up the report went to, but eventually nothing really happened – well, at least until the above news came out. But the above news is about what happened last year, and not in 2006!

Though the news above didn’t mention any name, but being an x-Unisel staff, I know very well who that person is. Honestly, I am not surprised when I read the news. This guy is very sleek, and he managed to maneuver his way around so that most of the time whatever damage he had caused, others will get the blame 😦 .  And many good things that happened, he got the credit, despite being done by others! I personally think that he was uncapable to hold such high post in Unisel, but somehow he survived in Unisel (with such high post and high salary) that long!!

When I was still in Unisel, many colleagues tried their best to get me to stay put, but when it (my faculty included) moved to Bestari Jaya, I just couldn’t cope anymore (especially with the travelling).

Unisel has the potential to be great, if only it can rid itself off those hopeless people (also the “kaki bodek”s who are clueless on their roles and duties there. There are still many others who are dedicated and work hard, but most of the times, these people are either overlooked, or over-worked! 😦

I remember in 2005, a few months before I left it, I was offered to be the dean of the faculty. I thank him for the trust that he had in me, but I politely declined it. I told the VC that I was not good enough to take up the post, and the faculty needed someone more experience and wiser. What happened after that? A junior took it instead. I was hoping that Unisel could get someone suitable from outside. This new dean couldn’t even converse in English, and the university has foreign students!! Some how this person is still the dean! Can’t Unisel find a better person for it? No wonder the quality of the programmes are deteriorating.

Another quite recent news that I heard about the faculty was about the acrreditation process where MQA sent some officers to evaluate the diploma and foundation programmes. One of the officers is actually my friend and last week she told me of her dissatisfaction about the programmes 😦 . I told her, “Don’t complain to me, I am no longer there!” 🙂

Update on 16th March:

News form Bernama today (16th March):


Reading the above, I supposed the offence was the one that I’ve heard of then, not another one as I was made to understand.



  1. Is UNISEL that bad…..?
    I’m planning to take Diploma in TESL at Unisel after being rejected by UiTM.haha^^
    Anyway,since I accidentally stumble on your blog. and since you were x-unisel staff,may I ask you questions?

    How far is Unisel from KL town? ehehe=P
    What about the facilities…? the website tu xbrapa ckup info.


  2. Dear xerxiah,

    No, UNISEL is not that bad. One or two “bad apples” in the management do not affect the overall running of the university as a whole.

    I left UNISEL partly because the campus (including my fsculty) moved to Bestari Jaya and I refused to commute from Shah Alam to that place, and partly because I got a better offer (non-teaching job) elsewhere.

    In every faculty there, there are very dedicated lecturers. I have some good friends who are still dedicating their work and effort to serve the students.


  3. hi…
    im planning to further my study in bachelor tesl in unisel..
    to be exact im goin in this 23rd may..
    are these environment of “bad apples” will effect the students?
    so so afraid if i made a wrong decision…………
    a friend of mine said that he left unisel bcoz there’s to much pressure from the adminstration..he mention sumtin bout he have the same matric no with other students..that the chaos he get…
    hope you can help me out with the info..


  4. Dear Zara,

    I had the opportunity to teach the first batch of TESL students in UNISEL and I think they are a great bunch! Most (if not all) are fully-employed. I wish you all the best!


  5. I’m going to further my study in B.ed TESL in UNISEL this 9hb August 2009. Really can’t wait for that.
    I really fond of being a teacher.
    I hope that, after finishing my degree there, i’ll be teaching in any government schools.


  6. Mazni,

    I wish you all the best. I’m sure if you work hard, and focus on your studies, you’ll achieve great results and will be able to secure a good job!


  7. Can I ask u some more questions?

    1) May I know the syllabus/subjects of this programmes? I’ve been searching for it.
    Hope that u are able to list me the syllabus. Really2 wanna know….

    2) How’s the students accomodation there? Quite worried bout that.

    3) If I wanna go outing,is Tanjung Malim far from this Bestari Jaya Campus?


  8. Mazni,
    I am sorry I do not have the syllabus of the course, and after leaving UNISEL for quite sometime, I do not think I can give good description of the accommodation either.


  9. Ooo it’s okay then. But anyway thanks for your reply. Next week,I’m going to register at Bestari Jaya Campus in Batang Berjuntai. Pray for my success,yah !!


  10. hey dear,
    is unisel really problematic ?
    haihs, i’ve obtained an offer to continue my degree there..
    and heard tonnes of rumours though .
    i dpt degree in biotechnology . should i go for it at unisel as i did not get any other offer apart from unisel right now.
    i dpt unisel shah alam.
    please do leave a reply yea 🙂


  11. :),

    UNISEL is not that problematic as far as students affairs are concerned.

    Biotech is a good degree (in UNISEL). I taught the first batch, and one of the students is doing very well, and is still in touch with me. I think most of them got good jobs soon after they graduated!

    The S alam campus is more attractive because it is in the city, with all sorts amenities within easy reach. Good luck to you.


  12. hye , actually im confused..
    i Got offer at 2 places Unisel / Apiit . Unisel offered me IT (RM22,000) and Apiit offered me Software Engineering UK 3+0 (RM56,000) . I like campus life at unisel but i love studies at Apiit. A lot of foreigners there. My dad told that he can effort me to apiit but something attract me to unisel ( i Have been 2 Batang Berjuntai). Im confused . plz reply ASAP….


  13. hey im 20 and i got an offer from UNISEL to further my studies in bachelors in industrial biotechnology.(Bestari Jaya campus).is unisel a good university?are the courses in UNISEL accreditated by MQA,LAN and JPA? can i get job as soon as i graduated from UNISEL?


  14. Confused Gal,
    I’m sorry, I’ve left UNISEL for so long that I am not up-to-date with their development/news. You can ask those questions to the marketing ppl, and i am sure they’ll give clear and honest answers.


  15. Hi. I’m a current student at unisel (B.eng Mechanical.Hons). Actually unisel got 1 of the best engineering program in malaysia. List of our lecturers are breathtaking. Our achievement were outstanding [1st place CanSat(international,Madrid 2009), 1st place Formula varsiti(25 uni competing, 2nd place perodua eco-challenge 2010(we beat utm,utp)] and the list goes on and on. I registered as unisel student at 2003 (Dip.Eng.Mechanical) and it takes me just 4 days to look for a job after finished my Diploma and now I cont my study for Degree. So for people out there please don’t doubt our quality of education. Thanks


  16. Kele,
    Thank you for the feedback. I hope it’ll help others who are wondering about UNISEL to decide on their choices.


  17. hye everyone….. hurm, just want to share my thoughts and feeelings regarding unisel…. evnthgh we’ve been through all bad situations in unisel @unihell as we shout it, we do love unisel as we hated it…… but as i’m working now, we dis(si)overed something….. we’ve been tougher,not from outside, but inside…. and u’ll be surprised that most of us are fully employed after graduated frm unisel….. there’s on(si)e, when we was in pra(si)ti(si)al in this parti(si)ular govern s(si)hool in kuala selangor… the former tea(si)hers are soooooo MALAS! and…. they hates unisel students be(si)ause their students loves unisel pra(si)tial tea(si)hers who are really2 (si)ares about their studies…..in that parti(si)ular time, if to be (si)ompared to other pra(si)ti(si)al teahers from UPSI and UM for TESL- UNISEL is 100 times better!!! they barely speaks ENGLISH ok… this is true….. the TESL le(si)turers…. are angels… who wiped our tears and pushed us to hold on tight and performed …. spe(si)ial thanksssss dedi(si)ated to all TESL le(si)turers bat(si)h 2009- love unisel afterall…


  18. salam and hello!

    i’m job hunting and find unisel bestari jaya campus a bit alluring since its within walking distance to my place. i wonder if i’m fit to teach there. i’m an english grad from an ipta in gombak. i plan to apply for teaching position in language dept. maybe u can give me some tips or suggestions since u were an ex employee.

    best regards


  19. Hi.I’ve graduate from UNISEL for TESL B.Ed 2009 but it’s sad to say it been a year for UNISEL graduate unable to apply for Guru Siswazah Terlatih (GST). The last batch of UNISEL students who applied and currently working at government school is on Ogos 2009. Can you please advise me any other options to be a teacher in the government school. Thanks


  20. Rina,
    I am sorry, I don’t think I am of much help. From stories I heard before, even some graduates who held scholarships from the Ministry of Education had some problems trying to get posting/placement from the ministry.

    I don’t think relying on a job at a government school is a good move. You have to be more marketable at other places too.

    I also hope that your command of English is not as poor as indicated by your sentences above! Why? Because you are a TESL graduate!


  21. Unisel = Unihell

    It’s management are full of lazy bunch of people especially the engineering and financial department. Why don’t Unisel take action on this as what i can see that most or even all the web site are all regarding unisel bad management can’t they improve…? Why are they closing an eye on this matter? Even lecturers there are not professional (some). How did Unisel hire them? I wonder……….


  22. hello ,

    i’m plannning to do degree engineering programme in unisel . it is okey ? the environment , students and the management ?

    i’ve already checked all the engineering programme are accredited by the BEM , alhamdulillah .
    but still i wan to know whether the quality is good or not ?

    thank you .


  23. Dear Muizz,

    I have left UNISEL for over 8 yrs now, so I don’t think I can give any fair/accurate info. I think if you google, you’ll find some sites/forums that have such discussion. Good luck.


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