Khatijah Ibrahim, Thank You for A Great Concert!

It’s past midnight, and I just got back from this concert:

I went with A*, a friend who lives nearby. I was supposed to go with DH (who bought the tickets sometime ago), but since DH is in Albany, NY, I had to find someone else to go with.

I’m too sleepy, just to say that I truly enjoyed the concert. Guest performances by none other than Dato Ahmad Nawab and Ramli Sarip. Arh… the rendition of “Doa Buat Kekasih” was grrrrreat, especially the sing along part 😀 .

I’m going to pray now, and then straight to bed. Tomorrow is a busy working day for me! ;(

BTW, the VVIP was the Queen (Raja Permaisuri Agong) herself, while other VIPs include Dato Sharizat Jalil, Tg Razaleigh and  Dato Shahril Samad.I also saw Shafinaz (the singer) coming in, but heard (didn’t see) that Datuk Sharifah Aini was there too.

To my Dearest Hubby (DH), thank you again for the tickets. A* asked me to thank you too  for her ticket. She enjoyed the concert too!  😀


  1. Here I am, stuck in freezing upstate New York, and there you are, enjoying a wonderful concert in warm KL. How unfair! Btw, there’s a repeat performance tonight – can go again? 😉


  2. What to do, darling…. You have to be there.

    Next time, we’ll catch other concerts, ya? 😉
    Tonight’s performance, tak larat lah… but if you are here, I don’t mind going again :-D.


  3. SMZ, get the tickets for Mamma Mia for two (if you can still get it lah). Then you can watch it with your best friend.

    I’ve seen Kathy perform at Istana Budaya before. She’s actually not that tall, kan? On TV, she looks so tall and lanky.

    Glad to know you’ve had a wonderful time at the concert!


  4. MrsN,

    Yeah, I’d love to see Mamma Mia but we couldn’t find a suitable time 😦 . Never mind, we’ll wait for the Blue-ray version of the movie 😉 .


  5. Little bird,

    Ah… I see… But 17th Dec – 1st Jan ya… We’ll see… Who knows… I might get lucky (the tickets are so expensive!!) 😉 even though that time we’ll be quite busy 😦 . Thank you for the info.


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