More on My youngest son :-)

DH made a collage of Mae (That’s Nukman’s nickname):


But I still like the one that I posted last night the best 🙂

At that tender age, I left him for York to study for my MSc 😦 When I look back, I can feel a tinge of regret for leaving my 5 kids kids behind, and being the youngest at that time, Mae must have missed me the most). DH didn’t have the confidence to take care of ALL 5 kids without me, so they ended up being “exported” back to Kelantan. The bigger 3 had a full schooling year there. DH however compensated by going back to Kota Bharu EVERY OTHER week! Well… except for the times when he had to go to Europe or Africa, maybe. Then he would make a quick stop-over in London to go up north to visit mer in York 😉 But then, that’s a totally different story!

How Mae followed me to the delivery room when Aina was to be born was already told here.

And here’s a pic of the doting brother when the baby was taken home:


Mae has always been chubby (from birth all the way until the end of his primary school). He suddenly lost most of the baby fat when he went to a boarding school 2 years ago, as seen in his leanness here.



  1. Hehehe.

    mrsnordin, busymum was kuat semangat because she knew she could trust and had much confidence on her very capable eldest daughter to take care of the younger brothers (and bully them).



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