My Second (and maybe my last?) PKR Outing

Last Saturday night I followed my friend, A, to a Perminpunan Rakyat (People’s Gathering) in TTDI Jaya, Shah Alam.

The last time I followed A was to a Wanita PKR (Parti Keadilan Rakyat) meeting in Section 20, Shah Alam.

Despite the tiredness (due to the 3D2N Awana workshop and the quick Melaka trip), I agreed to follow A out of curiousity. Dr Daroyah, the PKR Wanita Head for Shah Alam had earlier sms-ed me about the gathering, requesting for help in ushering the guests, and I had already declined, saying that I’d be away for the weekend (initially we planned to go to Fraser’s Hill but aborted the plan at the last minute).

So, I thought, since I was not planning to go anywhere that night, why not go to the gathering, especially after A called to persuade me to go with her (she can be very persuasive at times 🙂 ). Furthermore I had already declined Dr D’s earlier invitation (not to this function). Last Saturday Dr Daroyah had already invited me to join the PKR Wanita meeting (to plan future Wanita PKR’s future activities) and I had to decline too..

It was interesting to see people from all races came. I saw a former colleague, My Y (Chinese) came with his wife. Later I saw another friend, A who was an active “Reformasi” guy back in 1998, also came with his wife.



Personally, I don’t think I gathered much from the gathering, because most of the information given are not news to me – having read them on the Internet.

I think I made the right decision not to go into the hall, but instead stayed at the tent (the PA system was good enough that everybody outside the hall could clearly hear what the speakers were saying). They were 2 grand outdoor screens too, but I didn’t bother to look at any one of them. I guess I was still very tired 😦



Anyway, while sitting outside, I managed to ask Dr Daroyah what her (I mean Wanita’s) next activity would be. With a smile,she said “We need to sit down again and discuss it”.

I smiled back and didn’t ask further. Deep inside me I was thinking “What? Another discussion? How many discussions/meetings do they need before the Wanita PKR can get something done?”

I like charity work but I hate politics. Seeing how helpless and lack of ideas the Shah Alam Wanita PKR is, A and I thought we could help out. Our interest is just to get involved in charity work. But both of us can’t stand too much talk with very little work. Furthermore, I don’t want the PKR people to think that I am an opportunist who befriend PKR now that they are the state government. I just wanted to help, but I guess maybe they are not ready to receive the help that we are offering (in the first meeting, A & I have a lot of activities for them to conduct which they looked to be interested in, but kind of clueless on how to carry them out).

I think for the little spare time that I have I should just focus on helping my alma-mater and my alumni.



  1. Ya lah, Busymum… I think you should just stick to your alma mater and travel news. There are just so many political blogs around, and as you rightly pointed out, they are clueless. Dulu, I ada juga terpikir nak join Wanita UMNO or something, saja menyibuk. Tapi pikir2, I don’t think I have the patience to go for meetings and listen to women arguing one after another. My tolerance level is very low in that department…. so politic is definitely not my cup of tea! Main dengan kucing lagi baik!


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