Melaka, SDAR (Sg Gadut, Seremban)..


Very boring title indeed. Really don’t know how to put it. Yesterday, soon after Aina came back from her weekly tuition in school (that was close to 6pm), we decided to go to Melaka to see the little baby cousin of Aina’s and sleep over.

We left home at 7pm, had dinner on the way, and arrived there just before 10pm.

This morning we left Melaka at 8am, to rush to Nukman’s Speechday in SDAR. We arrived just when they were about to start 🙂

Halfway through the program, i took this pic:


I heard the school principal mentioned the name of the newly elected Head of the PIBG as Prof Dr Hasanan M Nor (OK, I didn’t attend the AGM because Nukman was home for conjunctivitis). I thought to myself, hey, that’s my senior in my secondary school. To confirm it, I sms-ed to a couple on seniors (of his batch) and K Nik gave me his handphone no.

After a couple of sms-es, it was confirmed that he is indeed the person I thought to be. He even remembers that DH was his school primary schoolmate! According to DH, they’ve not met since they left primary school at the end of 1972. Now… that’s a long time!

Prof Hasanan gave away to some of the students, including Nukman 🙂


Later, when they function was over, DH and Hasanan met up:


Soon we let Prof Hasanan join the VIP table for his meal, while we went for ours on the other side.

DH having a chat with Nukman after the (free) lunch:




  1. Hasanan has not changed one single bit since I last saw him circa Nov 1972 ( –> Vietnam War still raging, Khmer Rouge still in the future, moon-landing and 13May just 3 yrs old, etc). We have come a long way, and well done, friend. 😀


  2. Mrs N,

    Not really!! Only no.4 and no.5 are in SBP. Even with them, DH and I tried to talk them into not going, but we couldn’t change their minds 😦

    The first 3 went to the school in Section 19, S Alam, only which is walking distance from home. In fact there are teachers who taught ALL 3 of them!

    No.5 aka Aina is now determined NOT to go to boarding school, very much to OUR DELIGHT!

    BTW, Nafis aka No.4 is in Form 4, and Nukman is in Form 3. Both born in April 😉


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