I Survived Awana Genting ;-)

πŸ˜‰ I am reminded of the t-shirt that I bought for Aina, 2 weeks ago when we were in Phnom Penh. It’s caption at the back of the t-shirt reads “I survived Cambodia”. No Internet connection, except via GPRS on my humble Sony-Erisson phone, hence I think the title of the blog is justified. More than 48 hours without proper Internet access!

So our 3D2N workshop ended lunchtime today, and I got home soo after.

So, what happened, since Wednesday morning?

Wed(16 April)

I left home at 8.15am, to send Nukman back to his school in Seremban, after which I planned to go directly to KL, via Sg Besi exit, then take the MRR2 towards Ampang -> Ulu Klang, and hence to Genting.

Just before exiting the Sg Besi toll, I stopped at Shell station for petrol. Right after filling in the tank, the car just refused to start! No coughing, or any sound at all. Shoot! It’s the battery, I thought. I know the battery is over 1 yr old now, and the car being used with very low milage, I knew that it would not last, but for it to happen today? The station does’t sell any car battery, so I made a call to AAM. An AAM guy arrived 20 minutes later, and within 15 mins, all was done and I was ready to continue my journey πŸ™‚ Come to think of it, I’m glad that it happened then, instead of discovering the battery to be flat today, in Awana!

I checked in at 1pm, and by 2.30pm I was in the room for the workshop:


Oh, I forgot to mention that the hotel room was huge, and I was to stay there alone 😦


I called Ireen (my high-school junior by 14 years – we got to know while attending alumni’s activities), asking her to come up but she said she could only come up tomorrow 😦

Thurs (17 April)

Ah, another day filled with the sessions 😦

But at least I found out that the other 3D2N workshop scheduled for nextweek in Melaka has been changed to just day-session (9am-5pm) on Tues and Wed. Phew! #:-S

Ireen arrived at the Cable car station just after 5pm πŸ™‚


What can I say? I am back home now πŸ˜€

Earlier I sent Ireen home. Thanks Ireen for saving me from sleeping alone last night πŸ˜‰


One comment

  1. sorry i didn’t pick up the phone when u called.
    spent almost 12 hours in the hospital… and both my phone batteries died.
    When i got home, charged one phone and forgot the other one.
    Then i “collapsed”.


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