Another 3D2N Workshop :-(

Yes, today I am going to have another workshop, to last until Friday 😦 and it’s going to be at Awana Genting. I don’t like such workshops because the sessions can last even close to midnight 😦 (e.g. the outing in Damai Laut recently)

DH had left for Saigon yesterday, so today Cousin Mimy (Thank you, Mimy) will come to spend the night with Aina. Tomorrow night too, actually, because DH will only arrive home tomorrow night close to midnight. Cik (Mimy’s mum) & Mokyah (who arrived this morning and went straight to Palace of Golden Horses) will also come tomorrow to spend the night here.  Unfortunately Cik & Mokyah will leave for KL early Friday morning, and I will only head home from Genting right after lunch that day 😦

This morning I woke up at 5.30am (went to bed at 1am – couldn’t sleep much). At 6.40am I rushed to office to collect the CD (of some documents that I need to work on while in Awana Genting 😦 ). I had to leave that early to avoid the notorious jam. When I was passing Aina’s school (soon after 6.40am) I saw a mother sending her kids to school! At that hour? It was still very dark. Aina sometimes wake up much later than that! Aina is really lucky to have a school that is less than 300m from home.

I was surprised to see En Zul (a colleague) was already there! He said he arrived at 5am because he has some work that need to be done by today! Poor chap.

So, I’ll only be online again later on Friday.  Those who need to contact me would know what number to dial or sms to, right? 😉


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