Looking For a Long Lost Teacher – Mr Md Anuar Abdullah

Former teachers are always dear to me, especially those who have left some impact on me. I have been trying to locate as many of these teachers as possible, the latest was Cikgu Hasan Basseri Budiman.

One of them whom I’ve yet to locate is  my Maths teacher, Mr Anuar. I wrote a bit about him here. Yesterday I got to know that there is a Mr Md Anuar Abdullah in Sek Men Teknik Butterworth (sounds almost like Mr Anuar’s name, though I am not really sure how it is spelt but I know we called him Cikgu Md Anuar and his father’s name is Abdullah). Furthemore, Mr Anuar is from Penang/Seberang Prai, so I thought maybe that was him…

I thought if Cikgu Hassan is still in service (though very close to retirement age), maybe Mr Anuar too is still in service. So yesterday afternoon I called the school and enquired about him. Unfortunately I was told that this “Md Anuar Abudullah” is very young and teaches technical subject 😦

Never mind, I’ll keep on trying.


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