Nafis, a Debater?

Today, DH and I went to the International Islamic University (IIU).

to meet up Nafis who is there for the Inter-school Debate competition. When he called home last night, I promised to visit him today.

When we arrived, Nafis and his tema mates were in the hall, so I ended up chatting with his English teacher. I told her that I couldn’t believe that he could be a debater, knowing how quiet and reserved he is. The teacher, Puan Nik Fauziah told me that it took her so long to talk Nafis into joining the team 🙂 She has confidence in Nafis and she was delighted to tell me how Nafis has improved him confidence in speaking in public.

Since we were running late, and not wanting him to lose his concentration (he might get embarrassed if we were in the room) we left just before he started the session – we just managed to wave goodbye to him 😉

And later tonight he called to say that they lost the debate (the won the earlier one). Five more rounds to go (tomorrow and on Monday) for the preliminary oround.

With about 80 teams participating, it’s not easy to even get into the final round, so to me, I am just satisfied that he is participating 😀



  1. Aha.. baru baca this posting. So each one of us has a debator in our family, huh?

    Which school is your son representing? My daughter’s from SMK Taman Melawati ~ English debate, too.


  2. SMS Tengku Muhammad Faris Petra, Kelantan – my alma-mater 🙂

    BTW, arwah was an English debater too you know, when we were in form 3!


  3. Oh I see… I didn’t know that.

    My husband is wishing that one of his kids would take up Law since both he and arwah ni dulu were lawyers. But none of them are interested, which is quite a shame. Nadira has the potential, but she’s more keen on Science.

    Must be fun for the kids to gather up there for the debate. Macam kita punya Piala Perdana Menteri dulu lah… (do they still have it?). Sapa yang dapat pegi, best saja. I never got to go 😦


  4. So each one of us has a debator in our family, huh?

    sorry, mrsnordin.
    we have 3 debaters in the family.
    1st we have mama herself…
    2nd was me… (i did both English and Malay. hehehe. gila kuasa tak?)
    So Nafis is 3rd.


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