SEGI COLLEGE, Kota Damansara

Today, just after noon (having had some tasks done at PBT Consultants office), I dashed to SEGI College, at its new Kota Damansara (KD) campus. I was rushing to catch somebody there before she goes off for lunch. I needed to send back the exam papers that I moderated. I’ve been one of their moderators for a few years already, but this is the first time I am sending the papers personally to their KD campus. Last semester I happily went to their Subang Jaya campus (just like what I used to do for years), and only when I was there that I realised I was supposed to send to the KD campus. The SJ people were nice enough to spare me from the trouble to go to KD, and used their internal mail to deliver the papers.

In such rush, I forgot to snap any pic of the campus at all. 😦

The campus looks so spacious, grand and really nice. I think the college is doing quite well. I saw some students in nurse uniform and was told later that those are the nursing students – SEGI offers nursing courses too? Cool..

I managed to come home in time to get Aina some lunch. Now I need to rush to a 3pm mtg. So much of “not working” today!


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  1. SEGI college nursing students were in Penang GH for 3 months for their practical. 🙂 I thought they’re from SEGI Penang but i was wrong. They’re from KD. And they’re being posted all over Malaysia.


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